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DeRosa joins Northrup Associates

Alex DeRosaLYNNFIELD-Northrup Associates has announced that Alex DeRosa, former manager of Century 21 N. Shore, has joined the as a Realtor, CBR- Certified Buyer's Representative and Director of Marketing, effective January 2009. "We are extremely pleased to have Alex DeRosa join our dynamic team of Realtor associates," said Richard Tisei, Broker/Owner of Northrup Associates. "Her marketing background, combined with her extensive real estate experience, regional Realtor leadership and commitment to her clients, is a welcome supplement to our firm. Her addition enables us to further develop one of the North Shore's premier real estate firms into a significant powerhouse in the Peabody/Lynnfield community." "I am thrilled to have joined this highly professional and well respected organization," said DeRosa. "Northrup Associates has developed a sophisticated, award winning firm of industry leaders that are committed to staying abreast to the changes in the real estate industry." DeRosa previously served as Chair of Professional Advancement, Business Planning and Member Services as well as being a Board of Director with the North Shire Association of Realtors. She is a full-time Realtor, CBR-Certified Buyers Agent and Director of Marketing with Northrup Associates. She presently serves as Chair of the Communications Committee and was newly elected as an Officer-Secretary for the North Shore Association of Realtors as well as being a Substitute Director for the Massachusetts Association of Realtors. DeRosa has a Bachelor of Science degree in Corporate Communications and is proficient in both Spanish and Italian.
(Article Courtesy of Peabody&Lynnfield Weekly News-March 19, 2009)


We have collaborated with our marketing and design team to provide a more comprehensive source of real estate information and services specific to the Lynnfield-Peabody & the North Shore area. While we've refined the design, we've also expanded our mission: Our ambition is to help consumers identify properties quickly and easily, stay at the forefront of technology by using specific marketing tools to enhance your property while providing competitive pricing and the best customer service in the real estate industry. Were proud to be your Realtor of choice and are focused on your needs today and long after the sale of your home. Now you can preview our best values, perform a one click search specific to architecture, lifestyle and more. Consumers can also access important links to news media, local hospitals or other North Shore area information. Feel free to login to and see why weve been servicing Lynnfield & Peabody since 1952.
(Article Courtesy of Peabody&Lynnfield Weekly News-March 5, 2009)


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    littleguyCongratulations! Congress has increased the homebuyer tax credit to $8,000 and has made several improvements concerning this credit. This bill provides for an $8,000 tax credit that would available for first time home buyers for the purchase of an owner occupied residence on or after January 1, 2009 and before December 1, 2009 and the best news is that this credit does not require repayment. The credit will be claimed on a tax return to reduce the buyers income tax liability. If any credit remains unused, then the unused amount will be refunded as a check to the purchaser.

    (Article Courtesy of Peabody&Lynnfield Weekly News-March 5, 2009)


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      Waselchuk joins Northrup

      Mary WaselchukLYNNFIELD-Mary Waselchuk, Realtor formerly of Century 21 North Shore, joined Northrup Associates as a new associate with Northrup effective in January. Waselchuk has 18 years of experience in the real estate industry. "Northrup Associates is pleased to recognize and welcome respected veteran Realtor Mary E. Waselchuk," said Northrup Associates owner Richard Tisei. "Mary's competitive intelligence, professionalism and dedication have made her a valued and trusted real estate resource for the Peabody community and we anticipate her to be a major contributor to the overall success of Northrup Associates as a whole," Tisei said. Waselchuk has received several awards for er achievements in real estate, including the Masters Club Diamond. A lifelong resident of Peabody, Waselchuk served on the City Council for 16 years, and was the first woman to serve on that body. She had been married to John Waselchuk for 54 years, has two daughters, Ellen and Janet and four grandchildren.
      (Article Courtesy of Peabody&Lynnfield Weekly News-March 5, 2009)


      There is no doubt tat our nation is in the midst of a very serious economic crises that in 2008 extended to our regional economy as well as our local housing market. As a result, last year was one of the most challenging in recent memory. Everyone was impacted in some way as this was certainly an apprehensive time for those buying and selling property. Both buyers and sellers encountered a whole host of new challenges ranging from getting accurate appraisals to dealing with new requirements from lenders. In light of all this, our Realtors really made the difference. They helped overcome obstacles. They gave some great advice and showed a lot of compassion and understanding to their customers and clients alike. Most importantly, they were a calm and trusted voice of reason in every transaction. Our Realtors experience and knowledge of our local marketplace really paid off for our clients. In this current real estate market, accurate pricing, effective marketing and experienced representation, are critical in order to succeed. Now more than ever, choosing the right Realtor makes all the difference. lynnfield_chartIn Lynnfield, the average sales price for a home fell by 12% in 2008. During that time, the total number of homes sold declined by 29%. Particularly impacted, were the number of homes sales over $600K, which dropped by 54%. With this in mind, Northrup Realtors were involved in the sale of 1 of every 2 homes sold in Lynnfield in 2008 (42 of 84). Remarkably, Northrup's Realtors also participated in the sale of 80% of the homes sold over $600K (20 to 25).
      peabody_chartIn Peabody, the average sales price for a home fell by 9% in 2008. During that time the total number of homes sold in Peabody declined by 5%. Looking forward we are hopeful that 2009 will be a better year. Interest rates are down to historic lows. We are working with a number of strong buyers anxiously awaiting the right home in order to take advantage of these favorable rates. At the same time we are experiencing a shortage of inventory in a number of key price ranges. In these current market conditions, we have found that a home priced reasonably still sells fairly quickly. Since 1952, in good times and bad, Northrup Associates has been the name that people trust. Now more than ever, if you are thinking of buying or selling a home give us a call so we can put our experience and expertise to work for you. (Article Courtesy of Peabody&Lynnfield Weekly News-March 5, 2009)