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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Dear Mr. Tiesi and Mr. Starr:

We write to express our deep gratitude for Marcia Poretsky.

Marcia guided us with her skillful hands through otherwise rough waters as first-time homebuyers. We appreciated how Marcia cared for us though countless phone calls after hours, providing wisdom and comfort. Even when Marcia was on vacation, she continued to take our calls (from her beach in Florida!), alleviating our worries- this made such a difference! When there was an unexpected delay in obtaining our home's occupancy permit, Marcia drove us to Lynnfield Town Hall, introducing us to the building inspector himself so that we could implore him to get it approved! Knowing that we had no experience with home ownership, Marcia even took us to the Peabody light company so that we would not be without power when we moved in. We could not have survived the home buying process were it not for Marcia's steady, guiding hand.

We appreciated how Marcia card for us like family. In anticipation of our home closing, we had purchased a new car a few weeks before. However, when the home closing was delayed by several weeks, we found ourselves with a new car but without a place to park it. Marcia subsequently lent us her own personal garage space at her home for weeks, displacing her own car for us. We are so thankful for the many ways that Marcia went completely out of her way to help us.

Now that we have settled into our home, we appreciate how Marcia continues to check in regularly, offering sage advice about homeowner issues. When a winter storm hits, Marcia calls us to make sure we're okay (we're from Texas and don't know much about dealing with snow!). We are thankful for continued concern for us even months after the sale. When we commented to Marcia that we did not know of any places to ear around our new town, we found, in our mail several days later, a letter from Marcia listing all of her favorite places around Lynnfield!

As you can see, not only did Marcia skillfully navigate the home buying process, she treated us with thoughtfulness, great kindness, genuine care and love, every step of the way. She made us feel like we are family. One reason we are thankful for our new home is that it brought Marcia into our lives. We cannot express our appreciation enough for her.

With gratitude,

Dear Marcia,

I would like to thank you for the professional way in which you sold our Peabody condominium.  The transaction was smooth and took minimal time away from my practice.  

I appreciate your professionalism.

I have had the pleasure to work with Maria both on a business and personal level. She is always pleasant and goes above and beyond her duties and always has your best interest in mind. Over the years I have referred many clients to her and all have been extremely pleased with her diligent work and results.

I would highly recommend her to act as my Real Estate Agent as she has tremendous knowledge when it comes to buying and selling homes including commercial property as well as she recently sold my Wakefield office building.

Dear Maria,

Suzanne and I want to thank you and let you know how very much we appreciate how you handled the selling of our home. Your presentation demonstrated your expertise on pricing our home for today's market. The professionally done tour, floor plan and photography were exceptional. Selling our family home of many years which we built was very emotional. You walked us through every step of the way with compassion and understanding. We are truly grateful for not only being our Realtor but also a wonderful friend.

Maria Miara was the broker of record on the recent sale of our condo in Middleton. She was very knowledgeable of the surrounding area in pricing and marketing the unit. Within a few weeks the unit was under contract.

Having a very busy schedule as I do, Maria offered to take on many of the necessary tasks and details in the final days before the sale. She kept me informed every step of the process and was a pleasure to work with.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent in the North Shore area.

I just wanted to take the time to thank you and your Northrup's excellent Marketing of our property. 

You have attended all the open houses and never missed a showing during the time our house has been on the market.   You have employed all the latest strategies to help market our home including great listings, brochures, the movie showing our house with he room sizes readily available, and always being there to answer our calls and relaying to us all the feed back.

We could  not have chosen anyone or any company more qualified and more committed to customer service and integrity.  We have enjoyed working with you and wish to thank you for all your help and expertise.  Where ever we go in the future, you and Northrup will always be our real estate broker.

Thanks again, for all your patience and professionalism you have shown to us, I remain,

Thank you so much for helping Joe and I find our dream home. Your attention to detail and your quick response to any question or concern at any time was so appreciated. You are the best!

I would like Northrup Associates to know that Maria N. Miara has been a great help to us. She is an asset to your company and a very knowledgeable and dedicated broker.

Maria has been our Realtor agent (Buyer & Seller) for many years. She has always put in extra effort to make sure that we get the best deal on properties. When ever I see any advertised properties that we are interested in, I always call Maria to get a showing, because I know she will always be fair to both buyers and sellers. Maria is our go to girl for real estate.

My Experience with Maria N. Miara is that she managed a very emotionally conflicted sale with the most incredible professional, diplomatic, patient and accommodating skills that I have ever seen. Maria provided her objective position at all junctures and I continuously felt confident that she was working on our behalf towards the success of the transaction.

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