Why Northrup Associates?

When it comes to real estate, Northrup has been the name that home buyers and sellers have turned to since 1952. Our Realtors® have been putting smiles on the faces of our real estate clients for generations.

Over the years, national chains and corporately owned companies have come and gone while Northrup Associates has continued to grow and prosper.

Northrup Associates has succeeded because our focus is on personal service. We are committed to the community and also to providing a level of personal service that you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Our top priority is to meet your needs on a personal and professional basis.

You will be encouraged by the high integrity of our sales team. Each Realtor® is a leader in the complex field of real estate and they know how to guide you through a transaction in an easy fashion.

The key to our success is teamwork – we help each other solve problems. Our Realtors® are experienced at solving problems, knowledgeable about all aspects of a real estate transaction and kept up to date with ongoing training programs.

We have one of the highest sales volumes per agent in the region because we take the time to work with and meet the needs of each client on an individualized basis. As a result our Realtors® have developed many friendships enabling us to create a fine reputation in the communities we serve. Our agents are focused on building relationships that remain long after the sale takes place.

Finally, as an independently owned and operated company, our loyalty is to our clients and community. We do not have to answer to “corporate headquarters” or cut corners to please investors on Wall Street. We have the flexibility and creativity to help make your experience buying and selling a home a success.